Here are 30 ways to find joy this month:

1. Make time for a favorite activity or hobby.  As Lara Casey said,  “You know all those things you always wanted to do? You should go do them.”

2. Enjoy a comfort food or dessert.


3. Serve someone else.  Send a meal to someone sick. Pay for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop.

4. Take a walk outside somewhere inspiring.  This is always good for my soul.


5. Do one thing you’ve always wanted to do (but haven’t). Zip lining, cross country skiing, taking an art class, attending a yoga session–doing something new is invigorating.

6. Get lost in a book.  It can be one you’ve already read or one that is on your reading list.  A good book takes us somewhere new.


7. Journal or list five things that bring you joy.  This fosters gratitude.

8. Spend time with a good friend around the dinner table or coffee shop.

9. Surprise someone with a gift.

10. Refill your own soul. Do one thing that makes you feel whole again.  Exercise, sit in the sunshine, go to a favorite park, go to an art gallery, listen to the symphony.

11. Spend time with a child. Be sure to laugh and play.

12. Get away for a day.  New scenery brings new thoughts and inspiration.


13. Take a mental health day: spend time doing nothing but things you like.  Put away the to-do list and live unscheduled.

14. Listen to music that is inspiring—especially if you can hear it live.

15. Set a new fun goal.  Always wanted to run a race?  How about learn a hobby? Take a class?  You don’t have to be good at it, the goal is to try it.

16. Watch a movie that makes you laugh.

17. Go back in time to a favorite childhood location.  Tell stories about the good old days.

18. Learn a new hobby.  Give yourself freedom to not be a pro.

19. Put together a 2015 bucket list.  These are things you want to do this year.  Keep it simple and work it into your schedule.

20. Spend time dreaming.  Journal or write some of these dreams down. You’ll enjoy looking back at these in ten years.

21. Buy some fresh flowers.

DSC0282522. Memorize a verse that encourages you, like Phillipians 4:4

23. Spend time with a joyful person

24. Dance or exercise to a song you love

25. Eat a healthy, delicious meal

26. Pray or spend time on a prayer retreat

27. Travel to a new place.  It’s worth the hassle of packing up the family and going somewhere refreshing.  DSC_0301

28. Take a nap

29. Spend time in God’s word.  It’s a soul-reset.

30. Watch the sunset.


Free Joy Plan Resource

Here’s a Joy Plan PDF of the 30 ways to find JOY this February, just for you! Hang it on the fridge, your mirror, anywhere you’ll see it to remind you to choose joy.

Feel free to download  or share with others. Here’s to making February more joyful!



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