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Three Myths We Believe About Suffering


I picked up the phone and hesitated. Should I call? Grief is complex, even on the best days. But when grief is fresh, it’s often ugly and raw. Her grief—only a month or two out from the funeral—would still be hemorrhaging like a fresh wound. I dialed her number anyway, thinking she might let it […] Read more…

Good to Know February: Winter Traditions


This year, our Midwest winter has been filled with an abundance of grey days, rain and a lack of sunshine. For someone who likes snow, skiing, and sunshine, it’s been a different winter for me. Instead of snow pants, we’ve been pulling out jackets and umbrellas. Despite the grey, I’ve learned to ward off the winter blues by creating a few […] Read more…

Coping with Grief on Valentine’s Day


You’ve seen the commercial—the one where the guy tells the dog to deliver a beautiful piece of jewelry to his wife for Valentine’s Day? For couples, this is a clever way of pushing jewelry on a holiday known for over-the-top romance and gestures of love. But for those grieving the loss of a loved one, Valentine’s Day is […] Read more…