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Grief and Loss

5 Ways to Heal from Grief This Summer


5 Ways to Heal from Grief “What are you doing this summer?” You know the familiar question that everyone asks in an off-hand, casual way.  They don’t mean for it to be callous.  And normally the answer is easy: “Oh, vacations, weekends at the lake, you know, fun stuff like that.” But when you are […] Read more…

5 Ways to Help the Hurting on Mother’s Day


Around Mother’s Day, many women suffer from silent grief. I used to carry this grief silently too–first when we couldn’t get pregnant and later when we lost a son.Then I started talking about how hard Mother’s Day used to be for me, and other women slowly opened up, explaining they felt the same too. Many people struggle on Mother’s […] Read more…

Three Myths We Believe About Suffering


I picked up the phone and hesitated. Should I call? Grief is complex, even on the best days. But when grief is fresh, it’s often ugly and raw. Her grief—only a month or two out from the funeral—would still be hemorrhaging like a fresh wound. I dialed her number anyway, thinking she might let it […] Read more…