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Grief and Loss

The beginning of the fearless list

A few months back Sam was asked to be the “staff representative” for a fellowship trip from our church that was heading to England and Scotland. At first we said no. It’s not that the trip didn’t sound incredible–visiting famous authors’ stomping grounds, cathedrals hundreds of years old, and traveling the beautiful Yorkshire dales and […] Read more…

When you face your worst fears

grief, worst fears, child loss

When You Face Your Worst Fears When I saw the message on my phone, the one about the little boy who died in a freak farm accident, it twisted my heart hard. I didn’t know the family. But I know the pain of that moment, the kind that rips your heart to shreds. Emotional pain […] Read more…

Why We Need to Share Our Hurts


  What Happens When We Get Real With Our Pain We sit in a circle in the dim room, hands fidgeting with phones and coffee cups, waiting for the facilitator to start. A few in the group joke around; they know that sometimes what you need in grief is a connection. The group facilitator asks us […] Read more…