I’m participating in another Five Minute Friday, where bloggers from around the world write for 5 minutes on the same word. Today’s word is TURN. You can find out all the details here and read other Five Minute Friday writings here.  

Side note on today’s post: Recently I went to Thailand to work with the anti-human trafficking group Destiny Rescue.  Part of their mission is to give girls job skills, including working in the art of jewelry making.  We had the chance to participate in a jewelry making session with the girls in Thailand and I was paired up with a girl who taught me to make a jeweled Christmas ornament.  Want to see more jewelry these girls make?  Check out their online store here.



Five Minute Friday: Turn

Wires and beads cover the table as I sit down next to you, wondering how you will teach me to make this ornament. You don’t speak English and I don’t speak Thai, but somehow you manage to show me how to string beads and wrap wire with nimble fingers around the Christmas star.

The star of wonder, some call it, made by girls who have lost their own wonder at life. They are picking up the pieces of this brokenness and making something new.

It reminds me that we all are cracked and broken, learning how to walk this grace journey.

We sit in silence and my clumsy hands twist wire and get the beads on wrong and you correct me gently in words I don’t understand. Only later, when the star becomes something more than wire and bead, you say the word,


It takes bravery to say it to me in broken English. My star does not look as good as the practiced hands of the jewelry makers, but you say it again:


I smile in wonder at this kindness and the irony of our lives:  We are imperfect, broken, and scarred, but God calls us beautiful, because he can take the dead things of this world, the broken-down, beat-up, old things, and make them beautiful again.


As this world turns madly in space, you on one side of the world and me now on the other, I wonder if you sit, wire and bead in hand, making something beautiful, while I type these imperfect words and try to make something beautiful too. We are oceans apart and yet, in remembering that one moment with you, I see Beauty transforming you into a soul that is whole, healed, and something new.

And all I think is how He is turning you into something beautiful too.


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  1. Sara, thank you for this lyrical and lovely reminder that God uses our broken bits to make something whole and beautiful. What a precious thought to hold on to as I go into the weekend!

  2. “we all are cracked and broken, learning how to walk this grace journey.” Such beautiful words here. So glad we’re all in this together! Stopped by from five minute Friday!

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