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Here are some of my readers’ favorite articles by theme: Grief 15 Ideas for Facing the Anniversary of a Loved Ones Death The Empty Chair: How to Face a New Normal After Loss Grief and the Family Photo: The First Family Photo After the Loss of My Son Why Kay Warren is Right About Grief […] Read more…

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 You don’t have to be perfect to live a beautiful and inspiring life. That’s the lesson I’ve been learning the last few years. And it’s so freeing. As a spiritual writer, work-at-home mama, and adoption and family educator, life can feel like a constant game of comparison and feeling less than perfect. But here’s the […] Read more…

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Learning to Let Go of the Perfect Life

I always wanted to have kids. Starting in elementary school, my dream was to become a wife and mom. My future life resembled something out of the JC Penny catalogue we got in the mail: blonde models dressed in royal blue pantsuits stood alongside their ‘husbands,’ who looked just like my tanned Ken doll–feathered hair, […] Read more…

How we find love after loss

“I would like to be adopted someday,” she says to me as we walk through a cow pasture in rural Mexico. The girl, who lives in a group home with 25 other foster kids, hopes to be adopted by the house parents who started the home, but Mexico’s laws make adoption difficult. She is eight and […] Read more…