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Good to Know February: Winter Traditions

This year, our Midwest winter has been filled with an abundance of grey days, rain and a lack of sunshine. For someone who likes snow, skiing, and sunshine, it’s been a different winter for me. Instead of snow pants, we’ve been pulling out jackets and umbrellas. Despite the grey, I’ve learned to ward off the winter blues by creating a few […] Read more…

What Al Trautwig and Simone Biles’ Adoption Taught Us

Simone Biles' adoption

What Al Trautwig Teaches Us About Simone Biles’ Adoption When Al Trautwig tweeted his comment regarding Simone Biles’ parents stating, “They may be mom and dad but they are NOT her parents,” the adoptive community went nuts. We’ve heard these kinds of comments before. For Simone Biles, this probably isn’t a first. A few years ago, I […] Read more…