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Why I Write


Sometimes it’s the obvious questions that need answered the most, because those are the ones that shape your life. What are you passionate about? Why do you do it (or not do it)? Should you be doing it? For me, the question is Why do you write? You may think that’s an easy one to answer. I enjoy […] Read more…

You can’t wait another day to ask this question


I was driving home when I saw it:  Flashing lights from an accident, then a moped flat on the ground in the middle of the street. The EMT’s and policemen were waiting on something—staring at the traffic. Then I saw it.  A white sheet in the middle of the road, covering something. There’s only one […] Read more…

Why our children need to hear our stories

Tell your story

“Tell me a story about when you were a little girl,” my daughter asks after I tuck her into bed. She’s asked this question so many times, I can’t think of any more stories to tell her. I’m dried out, like an empty well, and I just want to rub my feet and rest before […] Read more…

The second essential step in sharing your story


{Part of the series “Telling Your Story: Essential steps for taking your story to the next level” Read step one here.} So I’ve been through this scenario more times than I can count: We’re sitting in a group and the leader asks a personal question. Everybody looks at the floor. The room is silent. Nobody makes eye […] Read more…

The essential first step in sharing your story

Tell your story

My husband is a worship leader who uses stories (or as we call it in the church, “testimonials”) in our worship services. In church language, a “testimonial” is a good old fashioned word for “sharing a story of what God has done in your life.” The toughest part of all, he tells me, is finding […] Read more…