Seven Verses on Joy

When Silas was alive, there were many days I didn’t feel joyful because I was filled with worry about his health.  When I am robbed of my joy and filled with anxiety, I know that’s when I need to return to God’s Word to guide my thoughts and feelings.

I am not naturally a joyfully person when I look at all the problems in my life. I tend to fall into panic, anxiety, despair, and fear.  But when I keep my mind on Christ–it changes my outlook. It changes my focus.  It transforms my thoughts and feelings.  Life is not always so good.  But there is so much more to this life than we can imagine and focusing on His Word keeps the pendulum of my feelings in balance so I don’t slip too far one direction or another.

Today I’m sharing seven verses on joy to encourage you this week. I apologize for not including the verse references. I made these and didn’t realize I had forgotten them until I was done. (Sorry. I’m human.) However, going through these verses on joy reminds us where our hope is found, no matter what life throws at us.


7 Verses on Joy

verses on joyverses on joy


To download one of the PDF files above, click on the choice you want–either the yellow lined paper or the plain white background.  Your computer will download it (most likely to the downloads folder on your computer) and then feel free to print or share. I hope it encourages you this week.

7 Verses on Joy  (Plain white background)

7 Verses on Joy  (Lined yellow background)



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  1. Thanks Sara for these encouraging words and verses. We are in a spiritual battle and Gid’s Word is our number one weapon. Another weapon I use is music. At those times of anxiety I put on a praise CD, turn it up, and sing along loud enough to drown out satan’s deceptive lies.

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