This summer I wrote about becoming more fearless. I made a short list of things that I was scared about doing, but wanted to try and then checked them off. I realized that by addressing my fears, they became less of an obstacle for me. It stretched my faith. It took me outside my comfort zone.

So all this leads me to a new item on my Fearless List:

Going on a mission trip to Thailand10649874_10154669551695694_4085043474272246238_n

Here’s the lowdown:

Where: Chiang Rai,Thailand

Who: Destiny Rescue, a Christian organization working against human trafficking

What: Working with the girls who have been rescued from sexual exploitation, doing various jobs that need to be done, and learning about the mission and work of Destiny Rescue so I can do marketing, writing, blogging for them.

With: A group of women from my church, while my husband stays behind and holds down things at home (God bless him).


Why: Since Silas died, I have felt a call to do those things that I couldn’t do before while he was living. I was mostly tied up at home with his care, so going on a mission trip would have been impossible while my son was alive. Now that Silas is gone, I don’t want to waste opportunities or sit around feeling sorry for myself while there is work to be done, specifically kingdom-building work. So I asked myself, What can I do? How can I make a difference?

When a friend mentioned the trip to Thailand and I learned about the work that Destiny Rescue is doing, I wanted to play a small part in a much bigger story, doing one small thing.


We need to protect children from human trafficking and girls from exploitation. Slavery still exists. Young girls are forced into prostitution. Organizations like Destiny Rescue are not only rescuing girls from sexual exploitation, but also giving them a home and job skills so they can have a new start.

Not long after I heard about the trip, I found out Destiny Rescue needed volunteer writers for their publicity and blog.

It’s funny how God leads us this very roundabout way to exactly where he wants us to be.

Around a year ago, I first heard of Destiny Rescue. Now here I am: going to Thailand and writing for them. Surprised? Yes. This was not what I thought I’d be doing a year ago.

But that’s often how God’s plan is. Mysterious. Sometimes confusing. But always His plan and not my own. 

So much of life is lived looking back and realizing the roundabout way of finding out exactly where we need to be: In His hands, following this new journey.

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