Not wanting to miss the beauty of this last snowstorm, my husband and I went out and shot a few pictures, so we would not forget this. Early morning light, untouched snow, mist across the water.

DSC03532 DSC03551 DSC03561 DSC03557

There are so many things I want to share, but I’ll leave them for another day.  Thoughts about how important it is to go out in creation and admire this, and just be.

Maybe it’s how much we learn when we really observe life, how much it changes us, renews us, teaches us.

How we sing His praises more freely when we just learn to slow down.

DSC03526 DSC03523 DSC03549

When we observe life, we start to think about what matters, how we need to live differently, and how small we are.

DSC03528 DSC03543DSC03527DSC03555

This moment.  This lovely moment.


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