This week we had the chance to visit and work at several places where the girls are taught job skills and given employment:
Destiny Rescue jewelry production
Destiny Rescue Cafe
Destiny Rescue Hair Salon

These businesses give the girls the chance to have employment, steady income, and job skills that they can use if and when they venture out into adulthood.

At DR jewelry, we got to make jeweled Christmas ornaments with the girls, see the well organized jewelry production line and spend some time shopping their beautiful line of jewelry.



The Cafe operates as a regular cafe serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the locals. We ate dinner there every night. Plus–I’m so excited about this–we had a cooking lesson at the cafe with the girls. This included a trip to the local outdoor market where they buy all the food.





Another place that the girls can be trained is the Destiny Rescue Hair Salon. We didn’t get to work there (no hair skills here ladies) but we did get to get see the work they do and support them by getting haircuts, deep conditioners and highlights.


Seeing how these girls now have a promising future was an amazing experience. They never have to go back to the life they had before. They not only have the influence of many believers who teach and train them, but they have job skills for life.

For more information on purchasing jewelry from Destiny Rescue or hosting a jewelry party, go to Destiny Rescue’s website


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