adoption waitOur family might not look like other families, but I love that God orchestrated our story in an incredible way. I love that he put a fire in my heart for adoption before we were even ready to start the journey. His plan = perfect. Every time.

There are so few things that I have felt certain of, but becoming a mama was one of them. Adoption was another. The fact that I get to be a mama to these two (plus one in heaven) is such an incredible privilege. We waited so long for our children. The process was difficult and expensive. The failed adoptions almost broke me. But every step of the way, God whispered his faithfulness. He provided when there was not enough money for the adoption costs. He picked up our shattered hearts when we had to give back a baby we thought was ours. Not once, but twice.

The adoption process is a different kind of labor, one that breaks your heart again and again. But from brokenness comes strength. From heartbreak comes perseverance. This was the journey I was meant to take to be a mother.

When I look at my kids, I never count a second of that waiting and brokenness as wasted.



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