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I’m trying to soak it all up right now.

Babies don’t stay little for long. This I know.

The rush of schedules and busyness has already begun to seep back into our days.

In order to save the beautiful memory of these early days, we ventured out to our first photo shoot last week.

A sleepy baby and two weary, but happy parents.

My cousin’s wife is a professional photographer specializing in newborn photography at Delivering Memories Photography.

She loves the newborns, wrapping them in a variety of cloths, making sure the folds are just right, the hands are just so, the face tilted clearly toward the camera. You can see her meticulous care in placing Zion in tiny baskets so that the focus is all him.


baby 1

baby 3

baby 4

She is a photographer who orchestrates the smallest details to capture this sweet moment.

This is us.

Sleepy, but joyful.


I love this moment of cuddling him in front of the camera.

These shots took a great deal of repositioning and patiently waiting on the right moment.

So much of life is like that.  Waiting for the right time.

Because beautiful things often take time.



baby 5


Although I love the color shots, the black and white ones capture the emotion of our story.

The long wait.

A baby finally born. A baby who was prayed for and anticipated by hundreds of people.



One of these days I will write the whole story–the emotions, the ups and downs, the challenges.

There is beauty and there is pain.

In all our stories, we have beauty from the pain.

baby 8


The long awaited arrival of something we have prayed for, waited for, and longed for.

God does not disappoint.

His timing is always perfect. His love too big for us to understand.

But we find it in the beauty and the pain.

He is writing redemption in our stories.


Many thanks to Abbie Pepple at Delivering Memories Photography for capturing these beautiful moments.


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