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Our Story

Our life story starts out like all good fairy tale endings—newly married with the fresh promise of “happily ever after.”

I had no idea what Sam and I would face, but I never imagined it would be this hard. At times we wondered if we would ever have a family and get our “fairy tale ending.”

Over ten years ago, after several years of trying to get pregnant, we found out Sam had cancer. The good news is that it was a curable kind. The bad news is that we wouldn’t be able to have biological children. We had no doubts of how we wanted to build our family—through adoption.

After Sam went into remission, we pursued domestic adoption and were thrilled to bring our daughter home from the hospital in 2005. Her birth was one of the most joyful moments of my life.

A few years later we started the adoption process again. When we brought our son home, we thought we’d finally completed our family. Little did we know we faced our biggest mountain yet.

We had no idea our son had an incurable genetic disease called Leigh’s Disease. There was no therapy, no medication, no surgery, nothing that could fix the defective gene in his DNA. The disease was terminal and our son died at almost three years old.

But after several years of grieving his loss, we felt called to add to our family again. I think this was God showing us that his plan for our family was not done. We prayed about it and felt a peace that this was the journey we were being led to.

DSC09772It hasn’t been an easy road. We’ve been matched with three birth moms already who have changed their mind when the baby was born. Our hearts have been broken on this journey. Some days I’ve wondered if it would be easier to call it quits.

But we believe God has a baby out there somewhere that he has planned for our family.

And we know that sacrificial love means that it costs us something.

Sometimes it’s our time. Or our money. Or even our heart.

The path of love always costs us something.

The best example of sacrificial love is Jesus, who showed us the ultimate sacrifice on the cross when he gave up his life for you and me. He loved us so much he adopted us into his family. We are now called his sons and daughters.

We want to live out this example of adoption by adding a little one to our family.

So we open our hearts to what God has planned for us, even if that means we have to wait and endure heartbreak in the process. We know joy is coming.

We would love to walk beside you on this journey so that you’re not alone either.

We’re ready to give so much love to another baby.

Meet Our Family

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Sam and Sara

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We have been married 18 years and love kids, music, travel, food, theatre, and having fun as a family.



We adopted our daughter at birth. She is now 10 and loves to read, swim and play basketball. She cannot wait to have another sibling.



Our sweet son was born with an incurable genetic disease called Leigh’s Disease. He passed away when he was almost three. He was also adopted and had such a tender and beautiful spirit.


Our Family Values


Family | Fun

Laughter and joy are part of who we are as a family. On any given night you might find us playing basketball, challenging each other to a board game, enjoying a bonfire, going to the park and playing with animals.

We celebrate holidays in a big way, with the whole family dressing up for Halloween and lots of Christmas traditions in December. We try to live life to the fullest.

Family | Faith

As committed Christians, we want our family involved in the church and living out our faith day to day. Our family is part of an evangelical church and we have a wonderful community at our church.

Family | Travel

We love to travel and have fun. Our daughter has been to national parks, the Rocky Mountains, Washington DC, Florida, and Mexico. Family experiences are important to us.

Family | Education and Arts

We want to give our children great opportunities in education and the arts. We both have degrees in theatre and English and master’s degrees in worship ministry (Sam) and educational psychology (Sara). Sam is a worship pastor and Sara is a writer who works from home.

We also enjoy the arts and sports. We try to encourage our children to try new things and develop their gifts and abilities.

Our Home

We live in a very friendly neighborhood, have an awesome church community and wonderful family and friends. They are so excited for this new little one to become part of our family.

We are also committed to a strong family life and spending time together.

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We would love to adopt an African American or biracial child since our family is multiracial already. We welcome the idea of an open adoption and would love to discuss this with you more.

Adoption is an incredible gift to our family.


Next Steps

The adoption agency we are working with is Bethany Christian Services.

We prefer to go through an adoption agency because we know Bethany cares for their birth moms. Their services, including counseling, are free for birth moms. Their goal is to help you make the best decision for you and baby, whether that is parenting or adoption.

If you are interested in learning more about adoption and whether this is the right step for you, please contact Bethany Christian Services:

  1. Call 800-238-4269
  2. Visit their website at Bethany Christian Services. You can chat with someone from Bethany or learn more about adoption.  

Please note that while we are looking forward to being matched with our baby, because of our eagerness to adopt and the number of losses we’ve endured, we will not be matched with a birth mom until the last two months of pregnancy. 

You can see our online adoption profile here and you can choose us to be your baby’s forever family by contacting Bethany Christian Services.