This is part of the link up at Chatting at the Sky, where we share what we learned during the last month.

1. I can memorize a two-person script where I talk for at least 75% of the time. Post play note: I’m spending a lot of time in silence, looking at books like this:


2. I love food movies. The last two movies I watched: 100 Foot Journey and Mostly Martha. These are films that make you want to plan a menu and start chopping vegetables immediately after the movie. I can’t stop looking salivating over new recipes. Who’s coming over for dinner?

3. I take terrible selfies.

4. I have been reading a lot of humorous books lately (Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling). I almost never read this genre, but now I can’t stop giggling late at night while reading my iPad in bed. It’s a great way to fall asleep (or annoy your spouse). Note to self: Stifle laughter while husband is asleep.


5. I made bagels for the first time. Jalapeño bagels, at my daughter’s request, with fresh jalepeños from the garden. I’m gong to top them with an egg and a simple salsa tomorrow.

6. Side note: I did not grow the jalepeños. They were given to me from a parent at school. Instead, I grew a mystery pepper plant that I thought was a jalepeño plant, but it was really a hot pepper that felt like flames were exploding from my mouth.  I call it the devil plant.  (Note: The picture below is not the devil plant.  These are cosmos that I did not plant.  They grew from last year’s seed. My garden this year seems to be a hodgepodge of happy and unhappy accidents, which ironically, seems a lot like life.)IMG_3119

7. September was a month of doors opening.  I am now writing for our city’s visitor’s center (where I get to review restaurants and events) and Destiny Rescue, a Christian nonprofit that fights human trafficking. Because I’m working with people based out of Thailand and the U.K., I now get text messages from other time zones in the middle of the night. The first time this happened, it felt like a newborn waking me up every hour of the night. The good news is I have finally learned to work globally: I turn off the sound alerts before crawling into bed with my Tina Fey bedtime story.

(Tomorrow I have another blog post about some important things: life, relationships, being present in the moment.  It’s an extension of this post, but goes deeper into how we can live more intentionally, doing things that matter. Join me?)


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