Telling Our Story With Artwork and Pictures

When I walk into someone’s house, their home tells me just as much about their story as words do. There are pictures of the people they love, trinkets picked up on their travels, and gifts from special friends.

Although I would love to have all original artwork filling my home, I can’t always afford it.  We have a few pieces, but mostly we either design our own or buy from an affordable design company.  I recently discovered the company Minted, who uses independent designers to help create beautiful artwork for your home.  I love the variety of artwork and styles.

Just for fun, I started picking out prints for our home–things that represent our story, our likes, and what we want to inspire us.  So here is our family wish list of beautiful pictures that represent our stories.

Sara’s Picks

I would start with this picture, because horses are my favorite. And the contrast between the dark horse and white snow is just beautiful.

horse  But I also love hummingbirds and these colors just pop!  (Maybe I’m just longing for spring because we are all crazy with spring fever here.)


I also love beautifully designed Bible verses, like this one.IamthewayThis last one would be a beautiful way to show off my favorite family photos.heart

Sam’s Picks

When I asked Sam which ones told “his story,”  he started with this one because he liked the quote and the graphic art style.


He grew up in the woods and this piece reminds him of home.  I love the details on this leaf.


Vintage books are a favorite for us. These old books remind me of a used bookstore in York, England that was floor-to-ceiling books. I could have spent hours lost in there.oldbooks

He liked this print just because it’s whimsical.  polarbear

Our Daughter’s Picks

Since we are in the process of planning for a major redo of my daughter’s room, she has asked to have an African safari theme.  These prints would work beautifully and represent her African heritage, which are part of her story.  The only problem is, I can’t decide my favorite!


But if we weren’t going with the African theme, I would choose this colorful owl print for her.  She loves owls since reading the Guardian of Ga’Hoole books.  (Plus, adding her name would be such a sweet touch.)owl

If I Could Turn Back Time

Because I can’t help it, I love picking out things that I “would have bought” if I could go back in time. If I were getting married I would order one of these save the date cards for our wedding date and then frame it later.  They’re gorgeous.


Oh my lands, this would have been cute for my sweet baby boy.  This is a print that can be personalized for a child’s wall.


I don’t know why, but I keep going back to this dear print, probably because it says everything I would want my family to

Thanks for joining me for this fun window shopping trip.  I hope you were inspired to tell your story through the prints and photography on your walls.


{If you want to dream a little about what would tell your story, you can find more prints from Minted. Have fun!}

All pictures were used with permission.



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