questions as mothersI used to worry about whether I was doing enough as a mother.⠀
Am I spending enough time with them?⠀
Did I tell them how much they mean to me today? ⠀
Did I hug them at bedtime?

I worry I am too strict.⠀
I worry I am not strict enough.⠀
Am I reminding them of what’s important? Am I living it out for them?⠀

I worry about all the times I am frustrated. ⠀
Do all the kind words make up for the one moment I was angry?⠀

Then I ask: ⠀
Is it enough? Am I enough?⠀

Whenever I feel the weight of these questions, I remember:⠀
my God makes up for my lack.⠀
In my weakness He is strong. ⠀
He will cover me in grace.⠀
The Bible says,

He gently leads those that have young” (Isaiah 40:11b).⠀

His promise is something I can rest in when the weariness of the day presses hard.⠀⠀
As He reminds me of the grace and love I’ve been shown, I remember to be grace and love to my family.

In the end, I hope they remember:⠀
how I held them and did not let them go.⠀
How I rocked them for what seemed like hours.⠀
How I kissed their wounds and asked Jesus to make up for my lack. ⠀

I hope they will remember His love that is always, always enough.⠀

In the end, He reminds me there was never a reason to worry. ⠀
I am enough because of Him.⠀
His love, his grace, it is always enough.




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