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I had the chance to speak in May at the Listen To Your Mother event in Indy.  Since then, I have eagerly been waiting for the news that our show is online so I could share this little piece of my heart with you. This is the story about my son’s diagnosis and what I’ve learned about motherhood.

Guess what?

Our stories are finally on YouTube! There are tons of good ones.  Lots of funny ones.  And a few tearjerkers too.  I could spend way too long watching all of them.

Here is my essay called “Please Let the Baby Be Healthy.”  This is for all the moms and dads who know the hard truth about parenthood–namely, that our prayers aren’t always answered the way we want.  But we also know something else:

“Being a mother means parenting a broken or healthy child and loving your child either way.  This is the deal we make when we become mothers.

Mothering a broken child is not what we signed up for, but the story is no less beautiful.  Because part of the story of motherhood is that it never really was about us. 

We choose motherhood because it’s one thing that changes our lives powerfully.  And we’d choose it again, because we finally understand that our children are part of what makes this journey through life even more beautiful.”

You can like, comment and see more stories from the Listen To Your Mother event here.


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