Our days are filled with work and meeting people and so much to accomplish with so little time to actually sit down and write. At the end of the day, I collapse into bed, sweaty and hot, my feet aching and blistered.

Bangkok is the hottest city in the world and know I now why. We drink gallons of water and sweat drips off our skin even in the shade. For the people here, it is the beginning of a cooler season, if you can call “cooler” ninety degrees.

We met the girls at the rescue home and start our day with the story of creation from Genesis 1. On the walls are posted signs scrawled with messages like your life has worth and value.

When you’ve been treated like dirt most of your life, you need the reminder of your value, that God created you good, made in his image.

We sit around tables and teach English lessons, and one girl takes the alphabet tiles and begins to spell some words. I don’t ask her to do this, but she takes her finger and finds the letters and puts them in order and makes the words GOD and JESUS.

We play volleyball on a red dirt court where stray dogs linger in the shade of a wall. The girls giggle when they mess up and It’s amazing how you can fly all over the world and realize that we’re all really the same. Teenage girls, even ones who have been through horrible things, still giggle and huddle close to their friends.

After the game, we wash the red dirt off our feet with water from the outdoor sink, a stream of red soaking into the ground. One girl smiles at me as I clean my feet. We don’t need words to understand each other.




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